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Nuclear energy referendum in Switzerland - Nuclear energy policy in Japan

«Without nuclear power no nuclear bomb. ... In the sarcophagus of Fukushima still slumbers a radioactivity of about 10'000 Hiroshima bombs.» Thus Fukushima also slumbers in Switzerland.

Quiz question:  «How much radioactivity is being produced daily in an average nuclear power plant?»

7.11.2016 - 27.4.2019 -  Fukushima also slumbers in Switzerland... Nuclear energy referendum in Switzerland... Nuclear energy policy and international press commentary...

Annex 1: Reply from Dr. Irene Aegerter (präsident of .energiesuisse.net)...
Annex 2: Atomausstieg dient „Schutz des Lebens und der Gesundheit“ (Bundesverfassungsgericht)...
Annex 3: Switzerland votes for «Energy Strategy 2050» with Nuclear Phase-Out and Renewable Energy (German)...
Annex 4: Congratulation Switzerland - Quiz for free «OPAL addresses- and dossier management» (version 7.1)... Read ...


UN-Resolution «Climate Change by Radioactivity»

Global radioactivity produced in nuclear power plants is in an order of magnitude equivalent to the radioactivity of a multiple of one Million Hiroshima nuclear bombs.

      Natural power from renewable energies - Yes, Please!

7.8.2009 - 27.3.2019 -  The «Climate Change by Radioactivity»... Order of magnitude... Effects... Global and local solution... Read ...


 A. Core question and core problem - the end of the nuclear debate (27.1.2011)

 B. JAPAN nuclear catastrophe: UN Resolution on Security and energy needed urgently! (18.3.2011 - 16.7.2016)

 C. Austria calls for "Rethinking international" with action plan "Get out of nuclear" (20.4.2011)

 D. Global energy transition accelerated by Fukushima (Press 31.5.2011 - 22.5.2014)

 E. Survey shows: Swiss nuclear power plants don't know what they are doing! (1.9.20011)
 F. Fukushima - Nuclear explosion by Super-GAU? (11.3.20012 - 7.2.2017)
 G. Nuclear Exit – Energy Transition – Hopp Schwiiz!  1, 2, ... (20.3.2012)


Obama and Nobel Prize Laureates seek Nuclear-Ban

Quantity and risks by radioactivity caused by nuclear weapons and in nuclear power plants are not equal, but comparable.

20.1.2009 -  Open Letter to the President of the United States of America Barack Obama... Request to the Swiss government for public information about radioactivity & solution Natural Power... Read ...


Switzerland elects new parliament and natural power

The five Swiss nuclear power plants contain the radioactivity of approximately 10'000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs.

7.9.2007 -  Choose in October the party, which represents your interests best.... The lists of Pro-Nuclear–Politicians (Nationalräte and Ständeräte)... Politicians, who replace nuclear energy and radioactivity by renewable energies and energy efficiency... Some facts... Order a natural power product... Read ...


Swiss government seeks more activity - more radioactivity!

Each nuclear power plant produces substantially more radioactivity than 1000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs - each year!

1.3.2007 -  The «new energy policy» of the Swiss government... The information gaps fossil-nuclear reserves of raw materials, CO2 and radioactivity, supply security... Build-up of a future oriented power supply... Order natural power (oeko power)... Read...


Trustworthy peace policies request renunciation of nuclear energy !

To avoid the abuse of nuclear energy, a complete renunciation of nuclear energy and the use of renewable energies is necessary.

24.5.2005 ... 11.8.2005 -  1.) Public letter to President Köhler in Germany: Continuity in the lead off energy change has top priority... Trustworthy peace policies request renunciation of nuclear energy... Unbiased and complete information about nuclear energy...  2.) Public letter to the Swiss government and department of energy (BfE)...  3.) Outcome and realizations of the conference on the non-proliferation treaty in New York (NPT, 27.5.2005)...  4.) Causal solution to the nuclear conflict in Iran - or war for oil? (11.8.2005)... Read these letters and press release... (German)


Medical Memorandum to the Industrial Utilization of Nuclear Energy

- Dr. med. Max Otto Bruker (Arzt)
- Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Karl Bechert (Atomphysiker)
- Prof. Dr. C. F. von Weizsäcker (Atomphysiker)

3.5.2003 - "What do you prefer: Energy efficiency and utilization of solar energy, and in return less cancer and less hereditary disease, or nuclear power?"... 99,9 % of the fuel remains as high radioaktive nuclear waste... Annex: "The play down of nuclear low level radiation", "ECRR 2003 - Recommendations of the European Committee on Radiation Risk" and "What to do in case of alarm?"...
Read these studies (German and English)...


BfE:  Nuclear enrgy harms the Swiss economy

Subsidies, electricity prices, energy security and the impact on small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs.

29.4.2003 - Federal Office for Energy (BFE): "If the nuclear risk is not internalized, in addition to the static inefficiency it comes to dynamic market distortions because of the cheaper alternative technologies of energy production are not able to penetrate on the market."... Read... (German)



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