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Suppliers of Natural Power
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Natural Power, also called Eco Power, Green Power or Clean Power, is electricity produced by 100% renewable energies (Solar, Wind, Water, Biomass, Geothermal). The term Natural Power is derived from the German term Naturstrom.

Please order a Natural Power product from your electricity supplier, which contains a proportion of solar power, or change your electricity supplier (see Nuclear more expensive than Natural Power - Change the supplier, 17.1.2013). In Switzerland the electricity demand cannot be supplied with water power alone and the largest build-up potential is in solar energy.

With your order of Natural Power your electricity supplier must feed the quality of electricity ordered (e.g. proportion of solar energy) in the quantity used by yourself into the public grid. Tüv-guaranteed! In Switzerland «naturemade» is the quality mark for ecologically produced energy (naturemade star) and energy from renewable sources (naturemade basic). The mark is awarded after thorough inspection by the Association for environmentally sound energy (VUE). Below are some links (ADEV and Elektrizitätswerke) for certified Natural Power products in Switzerland.

This simple decision triggers directly the necessary investments and extends thereby today's Natural Power offers and supply.  The list below shows examples of Natural Power suppliers in some countries.

The change to Natural Power is a simple, economic and effective decision. The change to Natural Power is the only solution to the highly risky «Climate Change by Radioactivity» and an important  basis for a future-qualified, peaceful world.

"Hans Dietrich Genscher, former German Secretary Of State, reminded after the election of President Barack Obama multiple times and with emphasis to the global top priority: The abolition of all nuclear weapons! Despite the financial crisis and «Climate Change by CO2» we should not forget this. And we must also not forget, that this – The abolition of all nuclear weapons – finally is only realistic if all nuclear power plants are dismantled, which in turn is only possible by changing to Natural Power (electricity generated by renewable energies). The nuclear conflict in Iran shows these undividable context but is not the only example for it." (Extract from a SolarPeace letter to the Swiss government, 1.12.2008). Please see also «Natural Power – Lifestyle and Necessity» (SolarPeace.org, 2.5.2008)

«All households using natural power provide a significant contribution
to build up a future-qualified energy supply and by this means support
peace, economy, security, neutrality and ecology.»

«The old fossil-nuclear energies (oil, gas, uranium) are limited,
are far too risky and due to their side effects and follow up costs far too expensive.»

Natural power from renewable energies - Yes, Please!  Download Naturstrom-Smiley PDF ...

  15% aller Schweizer Haushalte beziehen Naturstrom. Der Verkauf hat 2007 um 63 % zugenommen.
Agentur für erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz, 14.8.2008

Naturemade / VUE (alle Naturstromanbieter und Naturstromprodukte via PLZ finden: NEUSTROM)


ADEV Energiegenossenschaft, CH-4410 Liestal, 061 921 94 50, info@adev.ch


Verein Solarspar, CH-4450 Sissach, 061 205 19 19, info@solarspar.ch


Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich:   EKZ Naturstrom Star, CH-8002 Zürich, 0800 444 999


Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich:   EWZ.Ökopower, CH-8050 Zürich, 058 319 47 01


Energie Wasser Bern:   EWB.Natur.Kraft Wasser/Mix/Solar, CH-3001 Bern, 031 321 31 11




>>> Die eigene Energiewende umsetzen. Jetzt zu Ökostrom wechseln!, BUND


EWS - Elektrizitätswerke Schönau Vertriebs GmbH, DE-79677 Schönau, (07673) 888 50, info@ews-schoenau.de


Greenpeace energy eG, DE-20357 Hamburg, (040) 808 110-330, info@greenpeace-energy.de


LichtBlick GmbH, DE-22765 Hamburg, (0180) 2 660 660, info@lichtblick.de


Naturstrom AG, DE-40227 Düsseldorf, (0211) 779 00-444, info@naturstrom.de




AAE Naturstrom Vertrieb GmbH (Alpen Adria Energie), AT-9640 Kötschach, (04715) 222, info@aae.at


oekostrom AG, AT-1070 Wien, (01) 961 05 61-0 , office@oekostrom.at


Tarifkalkulator Österreich (alle Anbieter)
Beachten Sie die Stromkennzeichnung. Anbieter, die 100% Naturstrom/Ökostrom liefern, werden mit einen vollständig grünen Balken dargestellt. Der Tarifkalkulator ist ein Service des Energiemarktregulators 
E-Control GmbH.




Ecotricity, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 3AP, (01453) 756 111, info@ecotricity.co.uk



New Zealand:

Meridian Energy Limited, NZ Christchurch, (03) 353 9500, Toll free 0800 496 496


TrustPower Limited, NZ Tauranga 3143, (07) 574 4754, Toll free 0800 87 87 87





»All households using natural power provide a significant contribution
to build up a future-qualified energy supply and by this means support
peace, economy, security, neutrality and ecology.

Thank You!

Natural power from renewable energies - Yes, Please!

Natural Power - Yes Please !


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