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Kilchberg city council informed of radioactivity and the solution natural power (green electricity)

«In 2009 Kilchberg will tackle the project energy» (Council Kilchberg at lake Zürichsee)

25.11.2008 -  Currently, only 3.4% of the electricity demand in Kilchberg is supplied with natural power, correspondingly large is the amount of radioactivity caused... Read... (German)


Kilchberg (ZH) promotes natural power (clean electricity)

Natural power (clean electricity) is electricity made from 100% renewable energies (solar, wind, water, biomass, geothermal).

17.1.2006 -  Natural power in the public community... Improvements... Natural power in private households... Current situation... Read (German)...
17.2.2006 - Annex 1: Free promotion for natural power by the OPAL Solar address management system...
17.3.2006 - Annex 2: Conservative politicians change to natural power (clean electricity)...


Mayors  for  Peace

The mayor of Hiroshima, Dr. Tadatoshi Akiba, founded this initiative for the total nuclear weapons abolition.

5.3.2005 -  The objective: The abolition of all nuclear weapons! ... The initiative "Mayors for Peace" (the official website in English)... The responsibility of all mayors... Read this summary (German)...


Showcase:  Kilchberg (ZH) votes for nuclear exit?

Is this example suitable for a showcase function for political responsibility and living democracy in city councils?

25.11.2003 -  Resolution for a showcase function to enter a future energy supply... The complete presentation with speech and justification... The counter resolution of the city council had been adopted... Living democracy in Kilchberg... Annex SBB building plans in Bendlikon... Read (German)...


And slowly the sun rises ...

At the petrol stations of a large oil cooperation the sun shines already since a while.

9.10.2002 - Readers letter to the newspaper 'Gemeindeblatt Kilchberg': And slowly the sun rises... Large cooperation's advocate for climate protection, oil companies become solar companies (Dr. Franz Alt)... Read (German)...



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