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Opportunities for our Future

The significance of national renewable energies



«All households using natural power provide a significant contribution
to build up a future-qualified energy supply and by this means support
peace, economy, security, neutrality and ecology.»

(, 17.1.2006)

«The old fossil-nuclear energies (oil, gas, uranium) are limited,
are far too risky and due to all side effects and follow-up costs far too expensive.»
(, 7.9.2005)

«A reactor in one day produces as much radioactivity
as a 50-kt nuclear explosion.
(Prof. Dr. Richard L. Garwin, nuclear physicist, USA, in his speech «Can the World Do Without Nuclear Power? Can the World Live With Nuclear Power?», Nuclear Control Institute, 9.4.2001)  This amount of radioactivity is equivalent with 1460 nuclear bombs the size of Hiroshima (12.5 kt) for each nuclear reactor in each year!

«If we physicians make a malpractice, then humans threaten to die. If airplane pilots make errors,
then hundreds
of humans can die. If the operating crew in a nuclear power station makes errors,
then the life of hundred
s of thousands humans is threatened.
(Dr. med. Angelika Claußen, chairman of IPPNW
, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)

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